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about floor graphics

Floor graphics and custom floor decals are perfect for nearly any surface. They are ideal to use when the specific goal of the media application is to make a positive impression the minute someone walks in the door. Once installed, the graphics can withstand foot traffic and last for up to a year without fading or peeling. It's a great way to grab attention and promote your products!

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floor advertising and directional decals

These decals can provide an eye-catching promotional tool for your logo or promotional ad when wall space is at a premium. Plus, these floor decals do a great job of directing traffic at your special event or trade show.

They are durable and washable, so your floor will never look dingy or old. Most importantly, they are slip resistant, so you’ll never have to worry about a customer or employee having a slip or fall.

dancefloor vinyl

We can help transform your event into the magical day it should be by finishing off the room with a vinyl wrapped dance floor! Our plain all white or printed dance floor will create a clean, classy look that makes a multipurpose room your chic new space. And if you want to be bold, we can create a design or enlarge your image to the entire size of the custom dance floor.

floor monogram

Every bride and groom wants to have their wedding look as special as it should be. That’s why having a memorable monogram wedding dance floor decal can make all the difference. There is simply nothing quite as lovely to add to an already exquisite event than a dance floor monogram decal to commemorate specific memories or meaningful symbols representative of the sacred union being performed.

Compatible surfaces

Our floor decals are compatible with virtually any indoor surface!

Floor decals will not work on porous or non compatible surfaces such as unsealed concrete, carpet or areas that are dirty, stained (oil, chemicals, etc.), or wet.

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